I am, and have been a fairly serious fan of Star Trek and its spin-offs. The Origainal Series was, without question, the best of the lot. The Next Generation was also good. Deep Space Nine started off a bit slow but developed really well - quite possibly my favourite. Voyager was good too, but faltered somewhat in the middle before picking up again. Finally, there was Enterprise which fared well too.

Initially, I was bought the Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future as a birthday present and was completely engrossed. When I heard about the release of the Star Trek Fact Files I was even more excited and eventually ended up collecting all 300-odd issues over some 19 binders.

Reading the pair, and comparing the information I became even more interested in the series. Whilst surfing the net for more information it became apparent that most of the sites around lacked any cohesion - they were just scans and repetition of the images and covers, or lists of information printed. Other than the LCARS site (which is excellent and a huge source of inspiration), I felt something was missing. Consequently, I have decided to create my own site compiling information from both the Encyclopædias and the Fact Files into one site.

This is turning out to be a bigger project than I realised. As a result this site is still very much under heavy construction. I am aiming to have the A - Z Index up soon, so please bear with me.




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